Virtual Conversational Agent for Outbound Calls

Incentivize self-service and trim operational costs

Virtual Conversational Agent for Outbound Calls
Virtual Conversational Agent for Outbound Calls

What is JIQ Agent?

It is a voice AI agent for phone communications that speaks human and is able to replace operators on the phone.

Virtual Voice Agent is able to replace an entire call center, while handling hundreds of calls, lowering peak traffic and personnel costs.


Available for making


Dials at the rate
of 200 calls per second


Replaces over
100 operators at once

1 m.

Makes 1 000 000
calls per day

Listen how JIQ Voice Agent
interacts with client

Trust your customer
communications to a professional

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Who uses
Voice Agents?

Voice AI has proven its efficiency at doing mass scripted calls

  • Debt Collection Agencies
  • Online Stores
  • Insurance Companies
  • Call Centers
  • Banks
  • Real-estate Agencies
  • Healthcare
  • Large Retail
  • Wireless Operators
  • Telecommunications Companies
  • Airlines
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Logistics
  • Tour Agencies

JIQ Adds

Never Tired

Never Tired

JIQ Agent works round the clock without breaks or weekends. It is never sick. Does not need extra pay for overtime

100 Operators in 1

100 Operators in 1

AI replaces hundreds of operators and facilitates loads of inbound and outbound call load

Never Slacks

Never Slacks

Never misses an order, does not hold the line and makes sure all the customers get through

Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive Reports

Able to generate call analytics in custom format. Call history available in audio and text formats

Saves Payroll Budget

Saves Payroll Budget

Optimize payroll budget, tax payments, and onboarding costs

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

No separate workdesk, extra space or spare time required

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Does not require extra hardware. Easy integration with cloud

Custom Integration

Custom Integration

JIQ integrates into the Customer’s CRM, infrastructure and voice menu

Grow Your Call Center Effeciency

with JIQ Virtual Conversational Agent

with JIQ Virtual Conversational Agent

6 Areas of Application for JIQ Voice AI:

01 | 06

Debt Collection

Virtual Voice Collector operates all stages: pre-collection, early collection, late collection, debt restructuring and information update. JIQ does not only call, but also maintains a meaningful human-like dialogue

02 | 06

Telemarketing and Cross-Sales

JIQ Voice Agent can consult customers, make cross-sales offers and deliver important information

03 | 06

Customer Service

Virtual Voice Agent provides support information, routes customer requests, takes mass inbound calls and clarifies terms of delivery

04 | 06

Processing Customer Request

JIQ Agent Agent is ready to take an order, make a doctor’s appointment and inform about pricing

05 | 06

Marketing Surveys

A Voice Agent conducts surveys in a matter of minutes and assesses quality of services provided

06 | 06


JIQ Agent gets through to the candidates, does a pre-survey, spells out job offer conditions, schedules interviews and routes the collected data to the HR-department

By introducing Virtual Voice Agent to your business, we help you save where you thought was impossible

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JIQ Platform Is at Core

JIQ Virtual Voice Agent is a cloud service based on machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence. It is multifunctional, customizable and flexible to integrate.

Entire Phrase Analysis

JIQ is capable to comprehend and analyze not only words, but entire phrases and sentences

Flexible Conversational Scenarios

Use JIQ visual no-code editor to create multilevel non-linear conversations

Custom Voice
for Your Brand

Create a digital version of your favorite voice to create a unique brand image

Seamless Integration

JIQ API provides quick and easy integration with most of the corporate systems

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Технические возможности

Integrate JIQ in 3 Stages

Stage 1. Developing the Agent

  • Signing the Contract. Finalizing the Technical Design
  • Audio records and live conversations transcription and analysis
  • Finalizing conversation scripts
  • Setting up the ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition)
  • Adjusting the linguistic model
  • Training the conversational module

Stage 2. Deploying the Agent

  • Integration with the customer’s infrastructure
  • Connecting to the IP-telephony, incorporating into the call campaigns and aligning with IVR
  • Running a trial
  • Final tuning up

Stage 3. Entering Production

  • Launching the ready Agent
  • Technical support and ongoing tuning up
  • Further training
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