AI Phone Assistant for Small BusinessTrust AI to answer your calls and set up meetings with clients
Our AI Assistant will handle your incoming calls 24/7Our solution ensures no call goes unanswered, transforming each interaction into a valuable opportunity for your business. JIQ's AI Assistant functions as your personal assistant, enhancing brand strength, boosting orders, and effortlessly scheduling client meetings.
Answers calls
Schedules appointments
Sends call summary
Adapts to your business
Transfer calls
Calendar integration
Speaks and sounds just like a human
Client consultationAnswers calls, provides advice and answers questions
Appointment schedulingFinds out the purpose of the call and makes appointments
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Let's make your business rock!Managing calls, appointments, and customer queries has never been this easy or efficient. Experience the superpowers of JIQ's AI Assistant!
Adapts rapidlyLearns the features of your business from text or from your website
Answers FAQAnswers questions about your business, products, or services
Schedules appointmentsSchedules appointments with your clients
Transfer callsControls call traffic and expertly transfers calls to you or your manager
Generates call summaryCombines all important information into a brief summary after the call
Get started with your AI assistant in just 5 minutesSetting up your personal assistant is as easy as 1-2-3-4! Let's dive in!
01Give your personal assistant a unique name and a voice that suits your style
Who can benefit from our AI Assistant?Whether you're a solopreneur or run a small company, our AI Assistant is here to simplify your call management process.
Legal Professionals
Beauty and SPA
Real Estate Agents
Event Planners
Healthcare Providers
Fitness Centers
Make your call management a breezeSecure your spot on our waitlist and get VIP access to the AI Agent before it's available to the public