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[NEWS] Transform your customer service with JIQ AI Phone Assistant
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AI Agent for Outbound Calls
Replace an entire call center, handle hundreds of calls, lowers peak traffic and personnel costs
What AI Agent do you need?
AI Agent for Outbound Calls
AI Voice Agent to Replace IVR
AI Virtual Secretary
AI Mobile Video Assistant
Why does a business need a virtual assistant?
Get more business opportunities through effective communication with the client
Cut down your communication costs by 40%Use advanced AI voice technology to optimize your call routing and reduce call expenses without compromising on quality.
Effortlessly solve customers’ issuesSay goodbye to long wait times and touch-tone IVRs. Empower your customers with voice self-service solutions for instant answers.
Save up to 70% of missed call handling timeStop missing important calls and spending countless hours trying to catch up. Handle calls while you’re busy and get detailed summaries for easy follow-up.
Create AI Agents on your ownUse JIQ Conversational Platform to build virtual assistants with no programming code and without deep IT-expertise.
Unlimited Possibilities
Boost your business with AI-driven agentsWe believe in treating each client as a unique entity. That's why we take a personalized approach to crafting Virtual Assistants that cater to your business needs, ensuring optimal efficiency.
What tasks could AI Virtual Assistants solve for you?
Send us project details and we will demonstrate the functionality and advise how to solve the problem with AI Agent
Transform your customer service with JIQ AI Phone Assistant
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