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[NEWS] How Small Businesses Can Automate Customer Service with AI
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AI Voice Agents for banksEmpower your customers with JIQ's voice self-service technology. Allow them to manage their finances on their own terms.
75%Reduces hold time
>300Handles customers at once
< 35%Customers issues resolved without human agents
1 millionMakes calls per day
Listen how AI Voice Assistant interacts with a bank client
Ways to use AI Virtual Voice Assistants in banks
Replace touch-tone IVRsNo more waiting in long call queues, repeating requests or being transferred among managers.
Automate customer serviceEmpower customers solve problems on their own and provide support by tailoring experiences based on real customer data.
Re-activate and upsale clientsReach out to customers who haven't made purchases in a while and inform them of your exciting new offer.
Improve debt collection processSpeed up the debt collection process, including in-time notifications, soft collection, debt restructuring and information updates.
Control service qualityGet instant feedback from your customers about services or products to increase bank performance.
Hire AI Voice Personal Secretary for your employeesEffortlessly manage high call volumes, intelligently route calls, and provide personalized interactions with our AI voice virtual receptionist. Utilize the remarkable capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize your receptionist duties.
Customised solution for your business
On-Prem & On-CloudBenefit from JIQ cloud capacities, roll your Virtual Assistant out on-prem or enjoy a hybrid approach.
Unique Voice For Your BrandApply the voice of your choice and make your brand leave a one-of-a-kind impression.
Adjustable Conversational ScenariosCreate multi-level non-linear dialogues in JIQ Script Editor in a no-code interface.
Seamlessly IntegratedBlend Virtual Assistants with your existing CRM, infrastructure and voice menu painlessly with JIQ API.
Transform your customer experience with AI Voice Agents
Send us project details and we will demonstrate the functionality and advise how to solve the problem with AI Agent
How Small Businesses Can Automate Customer Service with AI
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