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[NEWS] How Small Businesses Can Automate Customer Service with AI
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Service callsProvide outstanding customer service consistently by tailoring experiences based on real customer data.
Self service done right with AI
Automate routine account management tasks
Offer proactive support by identifying potential issues
Provide real-time updates on order status or shipping information
The AI behind a better customer experience
JIQ AI Agent utilizes speech recognition, speech synthesis, and Natural Language Understanding technology to provide a flexible and empathic conversation scenarios.Voice assistants are trained in such a way to ensure step-by-step guidance to customers on how to resolve their issues, offer relevant suggestions, and even troubleshoot problems.
Listen how JIQ Voice Agent interacts with a customer
Why hire AI for processing service calls?
Cut operational telephony costs by 40%Use advanced AI voice technology to reduce call expenses without compromising on quality.
Available for taking calls 24 | 7Stay available and ready to assist your customers any time and leave no call abandoned.
Let customers solve problems themselvesSaves customer time and effort, reduces wait times and decrease call volumes for human agents.
Improve customer satisfactionIncrease number of people who have a positive experience with your customer service and recommend the company to others.
Power up your customers with smart self-service options
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